Magic Hands

Elva Qiyu Liu

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· Magic Hands ·

The project is about a pair of magic hands that can extract hidden stories from abandoned objects and turn them into sparkling gems. This 16-page comic only shows images without text, providing the audience space for imagination and embracing all their interpretations.

· Sketch #1 ·

· Sketch #2 ·

· Sketch #3 ·

· Final Work ·

Qiyu Liu,
2121 × 3280 px,
Digital / each

· Book ·

Small size – 4.419 x 6.834″

Normal size – 6.628 x 10.25″

Big size – 8.838 x 13.666″

· On-Campus Exhibition ·

Elva Qiyu Liu

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Qiyu Liu, also known as Elva, is a Chinese illustrator and artist with rich practical experience in graphic novels, editorial illustrations, comics, and collages. She draws inspiration from human gestures to create unique narratives that serve as a bridge between her and the world. Elva enjoys listening to ghost stories and weaving creepy images in her mind while she works.

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