Valentina Figueroa

Through my work, I am reinvigorating and helping establish Indigenous voices within contemporary art dialogues through material exploration of both ancient and modern technologies of metalworking, land-based research, and textile making. My work emerges from a genealogy of metalsmiths and textile makers, and from a legacy of Pre-Columbian symbology. Every piece that I make speaks directly to the relationship I have to my ancestors, to my craft mentors, and to the techniques developed by them in the past. My work also speaks to the relationship I have to the living materials that come from the land.

I am able to walk as an Indigenous woman of Mestizo origin seeking to reconnect to my ancestral heritage. I am connecting to the land and its materials in intimate and observational ways, so they can inform and teach me how to work them.

Portraits of ancestors, 2023. Exhibition at Emily Carr University, July 2023.

Páramo offerings

La Sierra, 2021-23

Legends of our territories

Valentina Figueroa

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Valentina Figueroa, Colombian Mestiza artist, lives and works in her city of birth, Bogotá. She has an undergraduate degree from New York University in Liberal Arts and recently completed an MFA at Emily Carr University in Canada. She was trained as a metalsmith at Escuela De Artes y Oficios Santo Domingo and now seeks to recover and continue an ancient legacy of metalsmithing that her ancestors practiced since pre-contact times. She also comes from a family lineage of textile makers and has traveled and studied with different masters of the metalsmithing arts in Italy, the United States, and Canada.

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