Modular Heated Seat: Smart Car Cockpit Interaction Design for Women’s Scenarios

Jocelyn Qiao

As a design outcome of my master of design thesis, this project explores the intersection of design, technology, and user experience, focusing on creating more inclusive automotive interiors. Throughout my research, I’ve delved into how traditional car designs often prioritize male ergonomics and aesthetics, potentially overlooking the unique needs of women drivers. By integrating modular and intelligent design principles, my project, Modular Heated Seat, proposes innovative solutions that cater to a broader spectrum of users, emphasizing adaptability, personalization, and comfort. 

Enhancing interactive experience for woman in cars.

My research questions are:

Research Methods

Literature Review, interviews, field visits and a case study were my research methods.

Project Concept

Digital Prototype

Jocelyn Qiao

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Jocelyn is an interaction designer and researcher known for her human-centred approach to solving complex problems. With a keen focus on understanding both the nuanced needs of people and the strategic objectives of businesses, Jocelyn applies her extensive research skills to design solutions that bridge the gap between human experience and technological innovation.