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Felipe Kauffmann Amaral

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The four shift tables will be located outside of Rennie Hall on the main floor.


I lived the first half of my life in Brazil and a lot of my memories from there are something along the lines of me running out of the house barefoot trying not to burn my feet on the ground.

Hopping on a quick boat ride across an inlet by my house.

Then walking through a dirt path through the woods to get to the beach.

As a child I could never imagine that the moments that would stick with me would be marked by the heat of the sun on my feet as I ran out the door, or by the wind on my face as I sat on the ferry, and much less by the textures that I felt beneath my feet or the increasingly strong smell of the ocean as I got closer to the beach.

My memories of home are filled with moments like these. And these kinds of memories are something that I almost never experience since moving to Canada.

The kinds of stories that are so deeply connected to the places I was in. Where a place is just as important as the people in it.

Shift is my attempt at addressing this. It’s my designerly way of working through the lack of connection to place that I’ve felt throughout my life.

Felipe Kauffmann Amaral

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I am a brazilian-canadian aspiring
industrial designer with a passion for
making. With an eye for simple and sustainable design, I draw inspiration from the textures, colors, sounds, and landscapes of the places and cultures I have lived in. I use these to create narratives and to invite people to connect in a meaningful way to the objects around us and the spaces we occupy.

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