Téa Javiniar

Téa Javiniar is an up and coming multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, on the unceded and ancestral territories of the Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Nations. Javiniar’s work focuses on exploring the definition of beauty and what frames its meaning. By working with one of the most common symbols of beauty; the flower, she works primarily with the themes of nature and the female body.

This subject is prominent across all of her fields, which include photography, painting and tattooing. Her work aims to emphasize the natural beauty that the world has to offer around us. Showing that we need not to fix what we see, but simply switch our own perspectives.

After all, what is really considered to be beautiful?

Photo series, Beauty In The Dark, taken on film, 2021

film photograph of a white flower peeking out of a large car tire

Taken from the photo book, Naturally Beautiful, 2023

Naturally Beautiful is a photo and poetry book. It compares the beauties of nature to the natural, stripped back state of the body. It is currently displayed at the Grad Show on campus at Emily Carr.

Untitled, 2023

My Body Is Art (My Body Is Beautiful), mixed media, 2024

An image of a quilt that has been torn and ripped up. The words "my body is art" is thrown across the bottom

A reclaiming of the body, the mind and of the artist herself. A powerful piece that speaks to taking back who she is by turning her scars into art.

Tattoo works

Téa Javiniar

My name is Téa and I’m a photographer and tattoo artist!
My goal is to emphasize all beauty that is already present in our world.
I work primarily with nature — especially with an icon of beauty; the flower.
I also work with the nude, specifically the female body, questioning what the definition of beauty truly entails.

Profile image of Téa Javiniar