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Tea feel

Purpose: In our fast-paced world, countless individuals find themselves engulfed in relentless busyness and work commitments, often grappling to strike a harmonious balance between productivity and relaxation. It is essential to carve out time for discovering and harnessing our inner energy through profound rest, transcending mere physical well-being.

Brand Goal: Goal: Creating beneficial tea brand for the people who needs customized healing and rest. 

Brand Identity:

Depending on users’s condition and need, there are four different options of teas and rest types. The components were crafted to assist in promoting various aspects of rest, tailored to meet each of the specific needs effectively.

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Sarah Seunghyun Kim

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Hello, my name is Sarah. Through four years of learning at Emily Carr as a communication majoring student, I developed a curious and open mind to all experimental concepts and design practices. With a growing passion for branding and creating visual identities, I seek to incorporate influential and sustainable design into my commercial practice:)

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