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An organization focused on promoting conscious consumerism

What is Conscious Consumerism?

In an age where we vote with our wallets, the way we shop has great implications on not only the environment but also society. While many value the environment and want to grow towards positive social change, it is almost impossible for the normal consumer to avoid greenwashing and shop 100% ethically. 

Different than green consumerism, conscious consumerism doesn’t shame consumers for having to resort to fast fashion or large corporations for their shopping. Instead, it asks them to be more mindful, educated, and overall more aware of their actions in order to not get sucked into sales and trends.

“What About My Things” Kit

This interactive kit invites people to reflect on their purchases. With topics like “I thought I would use you more” and “You are my favourite thing”, they are asked to describe their belongings and break down things like the cost, how much they use it, if they were pressured by sales and trends, etc. This kit allows people to understand themselves better and their shopping habits. 

Postcard Challenge

Each postcard presents a different challenge on how to be more conscious consumers. After the participant completes a challenge, they are asked to write about their experience and send it to someone to share. By sharing their experience they are promoting shopping with intent, unlike how the media likes to normalize shopping sales and being a part of trends. 


The organization needed a platform to function on, therefore this mock website was created. In the ideal scenario, people would hear about Goin’ through word of mouth and social media, and then they would visit the website to further learn about conscious consumerism, order themselves a “What About My Things” kit, or download our postcards to print at home for free.


For the grad show, a magazine was created to further explain Goin’s organization goals, educate about conscious consumerism, and show previous “What About My Things” kit results.

Jalyse Puk

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Hi, my name’s Jalyse (juh-leease).

Located in Vancouver, BC, I am a communication designer. My design interests lie in branding, illustration, and photography. In my free time I am apart of the WOO Publications team and I like attending markets and art events throughout Vancouver.

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