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Riyanna Blando

The Forsaken;

Originally called Our Lost Future, is a sub-unit of my original idea, this happened because of time and some pressure to create something unique. This project will still include all the traits I had planned for the original, although it is still rough story-wise.

I have planned a timeline where the viewer follows a mission assigned to two mercenaries struggling to survive in the dystopian future where companies have corrupted the world far beyond repair. The images are simple yet with some illustration plus animation I hope to make the story easier to follow for viewers.

Why I’m making it is simple, the game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ has me in a chokehold because of the storyline and how our future is going down a similar path, and could be a possible outcome. I wanted to create something like this because of the colours and how I have gotten bored of plain photography. Although it isn’t accepted as ‘true’ photography due to the mixed media concept, I enjoy creating a fantasy world within the real world

The Show Exhibition

Installation was done during The Show 2024

Closer look of the images

Our Lost Future concept photos

Here is the start.

These photos will portray issues such as; the housing crisis, corruption within companies and government, and cyber enhancements that are often sold and installed underground where it is available to everyone. The theme and world-building around the cyberpunk dystopian world have a lot to work with, especially now where more and more technological advancements are being made. Who knows if that is what our future is going to be? Is the future completely unknown? 

This series will focus on capturing and showcasing changes and the consequences if certain global issues aren’t dealt with, although we aren’t at the stage of the complete cyber era I will be editing and illustrating dystopian-centred themes into the photographs. Whether it be photographs within the city or out in the countryside, technology will always be present as working objects or broken trash thrown to the side. A lot of the illustrations will be heavily inspired by the world of Cyberpunk 2077; mostly the tech as a reference when adding in smaller details.

First Video Test

Here is where I experimented using After Effects in attempts to do simple animation, as well as adding in ambient sounds.

Riyanna Blando

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I’m a Filipino-Canadian, starting as an illustrator and then trying out film photography over in Victoria High School I enjoy capturing smaller details in life and things we don’t tend to notice, soon I was introduced to studio work at Emily Carr University to experiment more with lighting and props. Later on, attending a cinematography class to learn more about lighting design.

With that and learning from other professors at ECU slowly yet surely I’ve found my way in the art world with experimentation in my photographs, mainly drawing inspiration from the Cyberpunk genre I enjoy adding in elements for the wandering minds.

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