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ECU Health Design Award for Service – Winner

a transitioning journey from pregnancy to motherhood

토닥토닥 [todak-todak] is a response to the delicate state of growth.

Hand-crafted light-in-structure aspen set of partition frames and maple modular table units make up an embracing environment.

A weave of solace and nurture is reflected in the ambience of space, whether in solitude or company.

Adapting to the constantly evolving dynamics of the family, a series of panels adorned with traditional Korean quilts called jogakbo (조각보), and modular units aim to bring the family together and foster reconnection with cultural roots and each other.

1 – Partition: unfolding common grounds

Enabled to make up settings and environments, the play of modular units along with the unfolding frames promotes extensive use throughout the dynamic journey of the growing family. Whether in need of solace or a communal space of convergence, Todak’s fluidity within the space is responsive to a range of needs and the desired comfort of those involved. Transforming from an anchored dividing partition to a multileveled interactive surface, Todak encourages play as an active act of care.

2 – Modular units: play of building blocks

Collaboratively designed with a family of Korean cultural background, The set is informed by Korean traditions, guiding the reinterpretation of comforting spaces. By incorporating familiar motifs and cultural narratives, Todak seeks to enhance a sense of belonging and empowerment within the everyday.

3 – Jogakbo: patchworking textile art [by Veronica Yang, visual artist]

In essence, the journey of pregnancy and motherhood is a profound experience that involves the entire family, transcending the individual body. It’s a time when everyone comes together, cares and supports one another in every aspect, from respecting personal space to being actively present.

Todak-Todak is a reflective ambience of the delicate state of the family. It aims to provide comfort, solace, and a nurturing environment where every body involved is capable of navigating growth and change with ease.

Navigating a transcending journey of parenthood is to adapt and adjust each step of the way.

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Iu Mi Kim (Yumi) is a creative in the field of industrial design with a passion for unveiling the unique qualities and latent potential of every undertaken concept and opportunity. With a refined sensibility honed by a diverse array of creative practices, Yumi aspires to forge meaningful connections with the subject at hand. The curiosity for discovering and reflecting on the little things and moments of the everyday, ignites her avidity and deepens exploration.

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