Sebastien Kaschel

ECU Award Recipient

The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in New Media/Sound Arts – Winner

Film genre: Documentary

Media: Mixed Media

Duration: 12:43

Follow Sage’s journey through addiction and grief as he navigates early adulthood, finding hope in jiujitsu amidst chaos, in the documentary “Don’t Criii’.

This film is dedicated to Keemi and his family

About Don’t Criii

I have a keen focus on shedding light on the struggles of addiction. Don’t Criii is a passionate exploration of these deeply human experiences. My art is driven by an urgency to depict the realities of addiction, while also highlighting the journey of recovery. Don’t Criii’s narrative intricately navigates the intersection of substance abuse and youth, offering thought-provoking insights and fostering conversations around these pressing societal issues. Ultimately advocating for greater awareness and support for those affected by these challenges.


Film Credits

Director: Sebastien Kaschel

Starring: Sage Markham

Editor: Sebastien Kaschel

Animator: Sebastien Kaschel

Soundtrack and music videos:


Lifesnotnice(k4L) Criii, produced by Scarlet,

Live a little, Criii, produced by Deka,

Year3, Criii, produced by Rubbish

Useless little robot, Criii, produced by Wonderlust, directed by Adrian Falk

Stayawaytoday, Criii, produced by Grimgoblin, directed by Sebastien Kaschel

Oblivious, Criii produced by 1Apollo, music video edited by Cremains

Hard2reachreality, Criii, produced by recyclingbin

Firstistheworst, Criii, produced by lockage

Sound effects: Westar

Sound Mixer: Matt Stephanson

Special thanks to:

Kate Emlyn, Emaleene Nichols, Chitra Mistry, Carlito Ghioni, Christine Stewart, Oskar Flores

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Sebastien Kaschel is a graduating film student at Emily Carr. Sebastien creates work that displays controversial and sensitive topics. He has as passion for detail and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Sebastien utilized his drawing skills and began creating lively animations this past year. He has experience directing and editing action packed music videos and is in the process of animating another. Sebastien is excited to tackle any project head-on.

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