Blooming Haven

Khloe Kwan Yau Yiu

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A world created Khloe Kwan Yau Yiu. (also known as Kaluli as her online identity)


The project “Blooming Haven”

Carousel (originally the bishop in her hometown) is a very optimistic young girl with a little temper. She loves reading about unfamiliar ideas and stories along with some sweet snacks on the side. Her special talent is talking to pigeons and other types of birds (?)

“Sign the Contract”: Moth Witch negotiates with Bishop (her name later changed to Carousel) to sign a contract that takes her to another world completely different than the one they are in right now.

“Arriving to Blooming Haven”

“Some Daily Knitting with Grandma”

“The Part-Time Job”

“Warm Welcome”

Featuring Manager June at the part-time job, Grandma at the back, and new pigeon friends.

“Going Home”

After days of reading about magics, stories, spells, and necessary and unnecessary knowledge about Blooming Haven, Carousel finds a way back home.

Now we have a summary of the adventure in Blooming Haven, let’s peek at Carousel’s hometown.


“Bishop” (Carousel’s original form)
“Bunny King”
“Pawn Twins”
“Knight in Shiny Armour”
“Tower v.s. Black King Cat”
“All hail the Queen”

Thank you for visiting Blooming Haven and a little of Carousel’s hometown.

Khloe Kwan Yau Yiu

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Khloe is a Vancouver-based illustration artist working mainly in digital, watercolour, and acrylic. She studied illustration at Emily Carr University of Art + Design as an illustration major student. It is extremely exciting for her to illustrate a variety of stories and fairytales with all kinds of characters. Coming from a traditional painting background, her style leans towards a realistic and almost fantasy dream-like approach. She is now mostly active on social media such instagram, X, XiaoHongShu, and Weibo.

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