Seasonal Soups of Metro Vancouver

Emily Franzoi

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Come visit my exhibition as part of the Soup Kitchen Collective! Find us across from the bathrooms on the second floor.


Anyone who has tasted the sweetness of blackberries plucked fresh from the bushes that sprawl across Metro Vancouver will know: supermarket berries simply do not compare. The flavour and juiciness of these local treasures, not to mention their superior nutritional value, far surpass anything you could find on a store shelf. And the same holds true for all the foods we enjoy – nothing quite matches the taste and quality of locally grown, seasonal produce.

Most of the vegetables Canadians eat are not grown in Canada. They are picked before they are fully ripe and transported long distances before making it to your grocery store shelf. These foods lack the nutrients they have when picked at peak ripeness and generate mass amounts of food waste and pollution in transportation. 

Embracing locally sourced foods supports our local economy and protects us from supply-chain disruptions (much like the product shortages we experienced through COVID-19). By eating seasonal foods, we also cultivate a deeper appreciation and understanding of the environment around us.


I have developed twelve recipes using only the vegetables that are theoretically in season for each month of the year.

Of course, growing seasons are impacted by a number of factors and so you may not be able to find every ingredient you need for each recipe grown fresh.

I encourage these recipes be used as guides in your journey to making delicious and seasonal meals, even if you only have one or two fresh ingredients.

Each recipe card is uniquely designed and features an illustration of the soup. To view all twelve of my recipes, come visit my exhibition in person!

Emily Franzoi

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Emily Franzoi is an illustrator and graphic designer with a BFA in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Her art is heavily informed by her multidisciplinary practices and is notable for her playful use of vibrant colours. Currently, her work explores themes of consumerism and slow-living.

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