Cycle of Interdependency

Elizabeth Lum

The universe is filled with many things.

The beautiful and heavenly vast skies. The rich and earthy ground. The refreshing breeze that brushes against your skin. The warm sunny glow that gently touches your face.

Look around you.

The universe is a magical and majestic thing.

Life around us runs on cycles.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they believe that certain foods nourish and sustain different parts of the body. Everything is connected to one another, so there is a need for balance.

Nutrition is a medicine that can heal through its therapeutic properties. It is by the structure, the minerals, the nutrients that foods carry.

Food is healing and a blessing.

I remember when I was younger, my family would gather around the table to eat together. Every member of the family was fed. We would take care of one another.

All the elements are together and connected to each other, as life has many cycles.

This project is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and my cultural roots. I wanted a plate that would hold a spot for specific elements food and for the user to have a balanced meal.

Anywhere, whether you are cooking or eating.

You deserve to live your best life.