Fear Tear

Jingyi Zheng

Fear Tear

A young woman has distressing flashbacks while she is butchering a pig.

Duration/TRT: 2m30s

Media: 2D Digital Animation

Film genre: Non-Narrative, Experimental


Project Stills

Artists Statement

I am an animator and illustrator studying animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. Most of my animations are a blend of 2D and live-action. Being an international student from China adds a unique perspective to my animation work and storytelling. Major influences in my work include manga artist Takahashi Rumiko and East Asian animation. My creative work explores humor and sentimentality, which I find to be a combination that stirs powerful emotions.


Director: Jingyi Zheng

Music Composer: Bambusoideae

Background Assistant: Jiyuan Guo

Animation Assistant: Sunny Sun

Jingyi Zheng

Jingyi Zheng is originally from China, coming to Canada to study animation and illustration at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She chose to study in Vancouver, a center for the arts, because of her commitment to honing her craft and her determination to explore different cultural influences. Jingyi’s animation works are a blend of dark and light humor and sentimentality, bringing characters and stories to life through her unique art style. Her illustrations are filled with expressions of light and shadow, used to convey atmospheric meaning.

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