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Dex Giese

| Runtime: 5:36 | Live Action Puppetry, Mixed Media Stop Motion | Musical Comedy | 2024 | Directed by Dex Giese |

After a traumatic dental related injury, Marina utilizes insurmountable positivity to defend her identity.  

Artist Statement

My work surrounds the idea of maximalist immersive joy, and the creation of unique experiences for those who view my work. I love to utilize a variety of physical media, making forms that look filled with life and like they could escape the bounds of the screen. Through my work, I hope to remind audiences of the brightness of childhood joy through the lens of adulthood. By combining stop motion, live action, digital animation/illustration, and great music, I aim to achieve a sense of magic within my work that leaves audiences dancing in their seats. 

This film is loosely inspired by a tooth injury that occurred to my best friend Marina when we were in Elementary School. Slipping from the monkey bars, her front four teeth were embedded into the plastic of the playground structure – the marks still visible to this day. Extra special thanks to Marina, Sonia, and Pam for voicing their own characters!



Film by Dex Giese

Sound Design – Dylan Brannan

Voice Cast

Marina – Marina Santos

Sonia – Sonia Santos

Pam – Pam Paulien


Marina, Sonia, Pam – Dex Giese

Dentists – Andy Gomez + Mia Milardo

Camera – Nicole Kershaw, Cameron Kletke, Dex Giese

Set Production – Dex Giese

Production Assistance

Andy Gomez, Cameron Kletke, Antoshka Slynko, Dylan Campbell, Mia Milardo, Nicole Kershaw, Marina Santos, Sonia Santos

Prop Artists – Tia Selinger, Dex Giese

Stop Motion Animation – Mia Milardo, Dex Giese, Cameron Kletke

Dex Giese

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Dex Giese (they/them), a Colorado based animator, studied 2D + Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC. Their practice has a throughline of maximalist joy, and immersive dreams full of color. Their practice of stop motion and puppetry stands up as unique and creative, never failing to catch the eye and hearts of those who find their work. Dex has done a variety of hand-made installations across North America, and hopes to combine music with set design, practical effects and physical sculpture to create truly immersive experiences for their audiences.

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