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Duration: 3m 25s

Medium: Rotoscope, 2D Experimental Animation

Director Nil Yurdakul


Log Line

Alice wakes from a dream about her husband, kissing him good morning, and begins her chores. But something is wrong with her routine. 

Artist Statement

I take a lot of inspiration from goth music. Exploring the themes of love, sadness, hopelessness, melancholy and darker themes like tragedy, morbidity, and romantic idealization of death. With my film I wanted to combine my love of horror, thrillers and goth music. In my artistic practice, I have a special interest in experimental animation like stop-motion and rotoscope. The reasons I chose to make my film fully rotoscoped is to go for that uncanny look to enhance the feeling of uneasiness in the viewer. I take a lot of inspiration from Ito Junji and Satoshi Kon’s storytelling and visuals. I wanted my film to have a non-linear timeline going back and forth between the past and the present, reality and delusions. 

Project Stills


  • Director Nil Yurdakul
  • Composer Adam Isidto
  • Animation Nil Yurdakul, Shelby Duyvestyn, Bianca Castagno, Jeralyn Magantino, Chengxi Zheng (keys), Chris Jinwoo Park (Keys), Sarin Ghahri, Ila Vanna, Alexis Sawyun Han
  • Clean up Shelby Duyvestyn, Bianca Castagno, Chris Jinwoo Park, Nil Yurdakul, Sarin Ghahri, Ila Vanna
  • Color Jeralyn Magantino, Soph! Su, Simon Smith, Kayla Cunanan, Bianca Castagno, Nil Yurdakul
  • Storyboard Assistant Sean Leung
  • Character Design Jennifer Park
  • Background Design Sydney Mcconney, Sarina Chung, Nil Yurdakul
  • Prop Design Sydney Mcconney, Nil Yurdakul
  • Rotoscope Actors Simon Smith (Paul), Nil Yurdakul (Alice)
  • Compositing Nil Yurdakul
  • Lead Camera person Evie Lin
  • Camera person Assistant Cassandra Hay, Percy Tran, Simon Smith
  • Costume Maker Nil Yurdakul (Alice)


Additional Content

Character Designs


Line art by Sydney Mcconney and Sarina Chung, colouring by Nil Yurdakul

Nil Yurdakul

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Nil Yurdakul is Turkish and lives in Vancouver as an animation storyteller and artist. They have been involved in art ever since they were young, choosing to study 2D-Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, with a strong focus on the experimental aspects of animation. Nil has experience in illustration and animation as a freelance artist and is focused on developing a career in experimental animation and stop motion. 

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