Forever Flowers

Cassandra Hay

🎬 Slice of Life
⏱️ 4 minutes and 9 seconds
🎭 2D Digitial Animation

Artist Statement

I hope to showcase the complexity of interpersonal relationships and personal struggles through my art. This film explores anxiety in love. Although it is a queer love story, I wanted it to be representative of how anxiety in any relationship can cause difficulty. Due to my own experiences with anxiety, ADHD and Dyslexia, my stories show how the inner mind affects interactions with the outside world. My love for animation started by watching the behind-the-scenes clips of Disney’s Robinhood, and has morphed into an avenue for telling my own stories.


Cassandra Hay

Music Composer
Tyler Wagar

Cassandra Hay, Kayla Cunanan, Jewelle Lemonious, Anran Hao, Kayleigh Mark, Bianca Castagno, Sherry Gao, Nil Yurdakul

Voice Actors
Vara: Selina Hay
Tess: Lorien Allan

Background Design
Cassandra Hay
Soph! Su

Sound Design
Cassandra Hay, Kayla Cunanan

Cassandra Hay, Jewelle Lemonious, Anran Hao, Bianca Castagno, Simon Smith, Kayla Cunanan, Nil Yurdakul

Special Thanks

My EC Animation Family

The Animation Faculty

My Mom, Dad and Sisters

Made in 🇨🇦 with ❤️

Cassandra Hay

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Cassandra Hay is a Vancouver- based digital artist and animator. She is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Vancouver for her animation degree. Her work focuses on mental health themes such as anxiety within interpersonal relationships. As a neurodivergent artist, Cassandra tells stories that reflect the emotional impacts of her lived experience. In her spare time, she loves to learn about art history and make historical clothing. As an animator, she hopes to work within pre-production, specifically in background and environment design.

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