Eroniko Puevas


Duration: 04m 32s
Media: 2D Digital Animation
Film Genre: Drama, Slice of life
Director: Eroniko Puevas


Buko wants to bake a birthday cake for his sister, even though he’s never
done it before. When his mom’s help undermines his naïve confidence, he tries baking the cake
on his own.

Artist Statement:

Overbaked is a story that revolves around Asian parenting styles in way that
allows the audience to connect with the characters’ struggles. Although many references in the
film are specific to the Filipino community, the dynamics of how the parent and child can be
relatable to any parent or child. This is a love letter to the Filipino and Asian communities, showing both perspectives of generations. This film is geared to recognize and acknowledge how generational parenting styles are passed down.




Eroniko Puevas

Director – Storyboard Artist, Animation, Dev Artist, BG Artist, Concept Artist, Compositor

Voice Actors: Jordan Martin – Buko, Eileen Tan – Mom

Storyboard Artist: Julie Ma, Angela Zhang

Animation: Alex Choi, Edrick Nombrado

Colourist: Caroline Tasmin, Alex Choi, Alexis Sawyun Han, Kayla Cunanan

Development Artist: Alexis Sawyun Han, Jojo Piedad

Background Artist: Jiah Lee, Suhyeon Yoo

Composers: Benjamin Li, Joshua Liwanag

Foley Artist: Emmet Fisher

Story Revisionist Marie Louise Puevas, Marinella Puevas

Compositor: Suhyeon Yoo

Editor: Beatriz Puevas

Eroniko Puevas

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Eroniko is a 2D + Experimental Animation Major. He specializes in 2D character animation, lighting,
compositing and background

He wrote, directed
and animated Overbaked (2024) and co-directed Run Bread, run (2023), while working on several other short films.

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