How to Launch a Pop Pop Boat.

Marjan Jamal

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Both children and adults have fleeting ideas that are often dismissed either for being beyond your capabilities as a child or for being recognized as absurd as an adult. Children aren’t jaded like adults. Their minds are free from the baggage one accumulates as they grow older, so ideas can form unburdened by a practical and “realistic” perspective that adults inevitably grow into. Even as an adult you can still form these sorts of concepts, but they are very quickly discounted and are not given the time and care to develop. My art practice operates through a nostalgic lens by revisiting these ideas and actualising them as a way of recognizing growth and honouring my inner child.

With this work in particular I want to bring viewers and participants into a state of innocence, calm, and whimsy that is often associated with nostalgic memories. The work consists of a large shallow pool that serves as the imagined setting for play, and a fleet of various ceramic boats as the toys. With these elements and my guidance I hope to encourage a gentle yet playful interaction.


During the workshops I will be demonstrating how to set up
these boats to propel themselves in the pool using tealights.
I will be there to assist with launching your own boat.
Come by and float some boats!


Thursday, 9 May, 6pm
Saturday, 11 May, 6pm
Thursday, 16 May, 6pm
Saturday, 18 May, 6pm
Thursday, 23 May, 6pm

Marjan Jamal

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I am a ceramicist local to Vancouver specialised in mould-making and slip casting. My art practice often resides in a nostalgic headspace. I reference moments in my childhood and memories either factual or romanticised. As many ceramicists are, I am very process focused. I find developing and refining new processes as well as overcoming technical challenges to be most fulfilling. I make use of CAD and 3D printing to produce forms accurate to my vision, and combining that with mould-making allows me to precisely reproduce these objects.