Aline Chaves

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Aline Chaves

Duration: 2min 19s

Medium: 2D Digital Animation, 2D Cut-Outs

Film Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life


Film Synopsis: During a boring detention, an artistic little boy dares to be different and defies his all-time nemesis: his math teacher.  

Artists Statement: Growing up, I was fascinated with animations and dreamed that one day I could be able to make my own. However, coming from a traditional family, I was strongly discouraged, repeatedly being told “you need a real career”. As I grew up, these cartoons became more than just entertainment, they evolved into a real passion, inspiring me to defy expectations and pursue my long-time dream. I value individuality over conformity, drawing me towards rebellious characters. Standing up for what you believe in can create compelling narratives, and the theme of disobedience can be explored through serious topics like politics or as simply as a kid refusing to stop drawing. 

Project Stills


  • Director, Aline Chaves 
  • Animator, Aline Chaves 
  • Additional Animator, Jeniffer Park 
  • Music Composer, Pedro Gabriel Carvalho 
  • Music Composer, Pedro Henrique Lindtstaedt 
  •  Sound Design, Pedro Gabriel Carvalho 
  • Title Card Designer, David Molon 
  • Credits Editor, David Molon 
  • Production Assistance, Soph! Su 

Aline Chaves

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Aline Chaves is a Brazilian artist based in Vancouver and an Emily Carr University of Art + Design graduate. Influenced by the style of her favorite animation studios as a kid – Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon – Aline’s work has a very cartoony style with a knack for comedy. All of this is combined with her deep interest in working with Digital Cut-Outs and 2D rigging. She is also very passionate about Visual Development, especially in creating engaging and fun layouts to add to the storytelling in her animation.

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