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Melody Nejad

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“A decade after the war between man and dragon has ended, The Brewers, an old band of healers have settled down, duties no longer needed. In the village of Tureen, past the woods and over the hills, there lies a peculiar kitchen where the Soup master, Henny, works as a healer… But her craft is not limited to mere potions and poultices; her true mastery lies in the art of brewing soups that can soothe both body and soul, with the help of an ancient ally, a Demon Pot.  Yet, amidst the tranquil rhythm of her healing work, an ominous shadow looms over the horizon. A new evil stirs in the heart of the earth, rotting all from the inside out. Henny, although reluctant to give up her peaceful life in the village, can not abandon the call of an old friend who has fallen ill to this new plague. Henny sets off, guided by a sense of duty to protect not just her own, but the lives of those she had sworn to aid. With her assistant Po, and her Demon Pot by her side, the group embarks on a perilous journey to find the one thing that could possibly cure the Decay- The Golden Recipe.

Melody Nejad

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Melody is a fantasy concept artist and illustrator whose work ranges from small critters, to intimidating figures.

In addition to her concept work, Melody is also an accomplished illustrator, with a portfolio that encompasses everything from book covers to promotional illustrations. Her illustrations are imbued with a sense of curiosity, inviting viewers to take a closer look.

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