Christine (Hye Min) Roh

‘How can self-care be more approachable’?

When I first began to mold the idea of ‘self-care’, the broadness of the concept came to me as something very personal yet universal. We all need self-care, but is there only one specific routine for self-one? In today’s society, self-care is almost a luxury to spend, and the standards difficult to distinguish personally. Acknowledging the various personas, I did not want to compel this idea of self-care with another specific routine. Rather, I wanted to approach with a suggestive manner of self-guiding, not through specific specialties, but the common things to do in our daily lives. And this is monly’s focus.

Forming this brand, I created a kit to include as many possibilities within minimal guidance, therefore creating two versions: (motive) and (move). Whichever version one chooses, the kit including a journal book, an interactive poster, memo pads, and stickers). The journal book is a daily journal divided into 12 sections according to months and defined colors.The interactive poster can not only be used as a decorative, informative guideline (on the back) but also as a daily mood tracker. The memo pads are wrapped within the poster, containing 12 of them, and again, colored in each designated months. The memo pads can be used for daily goal setters, reminders, or however one wishes, but the focus is on doing one thing at a time.

workshop of daily mood tracker, an interactive poster included in the kit.

what’s your mood for today?

(1) choose a season for your mood (season)


(2) choose a color for your mood (color)


(3) combine them, grab a spot, and color! (graph)

Christine (Hye Min) Roh

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Hello, my name is Christine (Hye Min) Roh, a South Korean based in Vancouver. I love sharing and connecting in a wide spectrum of creativity to design imaginations to real-life, and flexible!


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