Trial Run

Justin Palmer

Duration: (5:20min)

Medium: 2D Digital Animation



Two characters, Tyler and Camilla, have a petty squabble that escalates into a full-blown brawl, only for the fight to be broken up by Annie, Tyler’s sister, at the last second.

Artist Statement

My process usually revolves around chasing a feeling. In this film I wanted the music, cinematography, character animation, and action direction to convey two feelings. A personal connection to the characters and their struggles, and the pounding feeling in your gut when you see something totally metal.

Project Stills



Angeles Paz Latapi as Annie and Camilla

Justin Palmer as Tyler

Story Team

Justin Palmer,Sean Leung,Alex Choi, Kaiden Cole, Cassandra Hay, Heron Cheung and Emily Chan-Schneck

Vis Dev Team

Kaiden Cole, Jen Minju Park, Sean Leung, Justin Palmer

Layout Team

Kaiden Cole, Sean Leung, Julie Ma, Clain, Echo, Joanna Liu, Jiah Lee, Annette Li, Jen Minju Park

Animation Team

Justin Palmer, Sean Leung, Alex Choi, Christy Chan, Jen Minju Park, David Chu, Chris Jinwoo Park

Sound Team

Wylie Marvici, Colter Louis, Ty Louis