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Nina (Tsai-Ni) Lin, Victoria Guzhvinska

Nina (Tsai-Ni) Lin, Victoria Guzhvinska

ECU Award Recipient

The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in 3D Computer Animation – Winner


As a result of an accident in a factory, a trash-collecting robot sets on a journey to discover its worth and learn that it is something more than just a trash bin.


Project Stills

Artist Statement

In our film, we explore societal control and the struggle for individual autonomy through the story of a garbage-collecting robot in a factory. As the robot discovers its hidden potential, it challenges societal norms but faces repercussions. This narrative reflects on the power dynamics within society and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of oppression.

Filmmaker’s Biography

Nina (Tsai-Ni) Lin

Meet Nina (Tsai-Ni) Lin, an award-winning layout artist and animator inspired by Japanese manga. Completing her Bachelor of Media Arts in 3D animation at Emily Carr University, Nina excels in layout and previsualization, crafting immersive experiences through cinematography and storytelling. With a passion for conveying compelling narratives visually, she aims to create emotional impact through her work. Driven by creativity and precision, Nina is poised to captivate viewers with her visionary approach to animation and storytelling.

Victoria Guzhvinska

Victoria Guzhvinska (Wiktoria Gużwińska) is a skilled technical artist who loves bringing characters to life. Born in Warsaw, Poland, at the age of 21 she moved to Vancouver, BC to study at ECU. Being interested in both art and computer science from the very childhood, Victoria excels in rigging and Python scripting. With curiosity and a desire to constantly grow and learn new rigging techniques, she is experienced in a wide range of subjects including animation, simulation, drawing, linear algebra, human and animal anatomy, etc. Driven by critical thinking and precision, she is passionate about creating believable characters that meet high industry standards.

Nina (Tsai-Ni) Lin, Victoria Guzhvinska