Persevere (2024)

Emmalene Nichols

See it On Campus: Level 1

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The installation, "Persevere" is located in the solo presentation room int the Sculpture Area.

Duration: (3:12min loop)

Medium: (Video Installation, Performance, Personal Cinema)

Credits: (Performer/Editor/Choreographer: Emmalene Nichols, Music Composition: Christian Wayne Abt)

Special thank you to Roberto Chio-Felix for helping me with cinematography and lighting and you time on set. Wonderful human being.

Artist Statement

Persevere is a projected media performance installation following the process of an individual trying to balance physical manifestations of their love and ambitions with the anxieties that come attached to wanting to achieve greatness, all whilst trying to maintain the strength to steadily push forward. The various forms are shown having a conversation through meditative body language and sound to achieve emotional catharsis, yet the cycle continues to put you back at square one, making the process of repetitively getting set back more and more difficult for the individual to persevere.

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Emmalene Nichols

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I am a filmmaker and mixed media artist making process oriented work with a focus on experimental dance cinema. My practice, I’ve found, has been a form of catharsis for myself over the years. I use film as a medium to explore emotional experiences in abstract ways, what it’s like to be human, and describe physical phenomenons that are hard to explain. Though a lot of my practice is virtual/analogue, I tend to stay closely engrained to my background in fine arts, performance, and the necessity to move.

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