KACY Performance Video

Kassidy Mamboue

Duration: 1 minute

Medium: 3D Animation




Experience the captivating dance moves of pop star KACY in her latest You Tube video. Follow along as she dazzles viewers with her energetic performance, delivering an unforgettable experience for fans worldwide.

Artist Statement

As a CG artist, I draw inspiration from my diverse upbringing, which fostered my love for both dance and theatre. This foundation instilled in me a deep appreciation for storytelling and expression. Through my journey in 3D Animation, I’ve discovered a profound joy in capturing the essence of movement and breathing life into characters. With my latest short film, I sought to summarize the essence of who I am and the passions that drive me. While it may not adhere to traditional narrative structures, it serves as a reflection of my journey and the intersections of my interests in dance, theatre, and animation.

Project Stills


Character Model/Texture/Rig: Dmitrii Kolpakov
Lighting, Eunhyun Kim
Performance Music, Prince The Producer

Special Thanks

John Li
Adriana Jaroszewicz
Bob McAfee
Ian Woo
Alisha Steinberger
Dannie Kim

Kassidy Mamboue

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Kassidy Mamboue is a Burkinabe-Canadian dancer with a passion for animation, currently based in Vancouver. Delving into the world of 3D Animation during high school, Kassidy’s fascination with movement and acting led her to focus on animation. She pursued her major in 3D Animation at Emily Carr University of Art+ Design with a focus on character animation. Kassidy is aspiring to gain hands-on experience and refine her skills in the industry.

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