With Love, Mae

Julie Ma

ECU Award Recipient

The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in 2D or Experimental Animation – Winner



Mae, an eccentric and impulsive girl, receives the news that her best friend, Lola, has been stood up on a date by her boyfriend. She decides to take matters into her own hands.

Artist Statement

With Love, Mae (2024) is an extension of my love for fun and complex dynamics between characters. The film came about as an exploration of balancing themes of friendship and complicated romance with comedy. The film displays my love of contrast- not only between the personalities of the two main characters, but also between Mae’s cute aesthetic and her twisted intentions. With Love, Mae is a whimsical love letter for all best friends and fans of 2D hand-drawn animation.

Project Stills

Concept Art and Pre-Production



Julie Ma

Sound Designer

Jeralyn Magantino

Voice Performances

Jiah Lee, Lorien Allan, Kaiden Cole

Visual Development

Julie Ma, Min Kim, Angela Zhang, Erin O’Niell

Prop Design

Heron Cheung


Julie Ma, Jen Minju Park


Julie Ma, Curt Gonzaga, Jun Choi, Alice Ma, Charlotte Hamblin, Asa Harrenstein, Hannah Sy, Kirsten Mills, Alex Choi, Sean Leung, Carla Murat, Elisabeth Wong, James Sun

Clean-Up and Colour

Julie Ma, Kirsten Mills, Charlotte Hamblin, Curt Gonzaga, Jun Choi, Elisabeth Wong, Atticus Chave, James Sun, Carla Murat, Paige Arace, Soph! Su

Background Artists

Julie Ma, Erin O’Neill, Angela Zhang, Jen Minju Park, Eroniko Puevas

Sound Mix

Jeralyn Magantino, Matt Stephanson


Julie Ma, Pritty Wang

Credits Sequence

Julie Ma, Alice Ma

    Julie Ma

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    Julie Ma is a Korean-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Her work primarily consists of character-based digital art and animation. She is also currently expanding her skills in visual development and environmental design.
    Julie is passionate about POC and queer representation in media and writing meaningful characters that resonate with others.

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