An Office Incident

Griffin Sheel

Film Length: 13:25

Short Film: Horror/Comedy

Written and Directed by Griffin Sheel, Produced by Emmalene Nichols, Cinematographer, Morrison Tancredi, Script Supervisor Jason Lin, Sound by Keith Verbonac. Starring Sai Pramod Mohan, Stephen Huddlestone, Sam Torok, Ian Jakubowski,
Adrian Balan, Amar Saran and Adam Beggs as The Boss Man.

An Average Day in a Canadian office building.

Artist statement: An attempt at blending both Horror and Comedy in a way that invokes a feeling of discomfort, as a way of showcasing my general discomfort with corporate spaces and the people who try and fit me into those spaces.

Special thanks to Dan Sheel and the Emily Carr University of Art + Design for helping to get this film made.

Griffin Sheel

Griffin Sheel is a Canadian born in White Rock who is generally insane, a fact that is finely showcased in his various short films. While he’s not making films he takes a great interest in film history and is especially fixated on the cinema of Hong Kong, Japan and classic American comedy films.

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