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Elise Gerhards

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Works from 2022- 2024

Everything is somehow linked, let me show you…

Circuit, 2024

(brackets indicate working titles or nicknames)

Untitled(Tarp), 2024
Oil on Canvas

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Untitled (3rd Train), 2024
Oil on canvas

Close up of Untitled(3rd Train)

Untitled(wax burners), 2024
Recycled beeswax, red candles, charcoal

Untitled(Spiral), 2023
Found objects, steel, acrylic paint, rust

Untitled(Curtains), 2023
Oil on canvas

Untitled(Melon), 2023
Acrylic & oil on canvas

“It Drives”, 2023
Found objects, chicken wire, wood, acrylic paint, latex

Untitled (Plaster Train), 2022
Steel, chicken wire, cheesecloth, string, plaster, vinegar, rust

[The room smelled like both vinegar and the taste of blood]

Untitled(Stained glass train), 2022
Acrylic & oil on canvas

Untitled(Train Painting), 2022
Acrylic & oil on canvas

Untitled(Curtains), 2022
Steel, wire, rope, woven fabric

Untitled(Orange), 2022
Acrylic & oil on canvas

Sound Sculptures
(Collaborations with Vanessa Bolinger)

Seahorse, 2024
Steel, found objects

Untitled, 2024
Steel rods, found objects, edited video & audio components

Elise Gerhards

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Elise Gerhards (b.2000, Vancouver, BC) is a painter & sculptor who draws from her perspectives as a neurodivergent person while operating in a space between abstraction and surrealism.

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