The Dragon In The Distance

Jiyuan Guo

ECU Award Recipient

The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in 2D or Experimental Animation – Honourable Mention

Media: 2D Digital Animation

Duration: 3min 55s

Film Genre: Fantasy



A magician who seeks for dragons finds one when he sails on the sea.

Artist Statement

Animation has become an important medium of my art practice. The idea of using moving images for narratives and expression of feelings is what I’m drawn to. I enjoy drawing and painting with both traditional and digital formats, whereas animations have brought those still images to a new level, as time is added to them as a new dimension. How still images can generate meanings within a timeline, is what I eagerly pursue, study, and contemplate. 

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Director: Jiyuan Guo

Concept Art, Art Direction, Storyboarding: Jiyuan Guo

Animation: Jiyuan Guo, Jaiden Su

Background Artist: Jiyuan Guo, Angela Zhang, Chenxi He

Clean-up & Coloring: Jiyuan Guo

Music Composer: Zhiyu Lin

Sound Design, Foley, Recording: Jiyuan Guo, Sunny Sun

Sound Effects Source: Westar Music

Sound Mix: Jiyuan Guo, Matthew Stephanson

Jiyuan Guo

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Jiyuan Guo is a Chinese animator who lives in Vancouver. Drawing and painting have been his hobby since he was a child, and this hobby has transformed into his passion of pursuing 2D animation, and self-expression with digital media. He completed his Bachelor of Media Arts in 2D + Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and keeps experimenting with various styles and approaches of animation.

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