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Design a board game that can be played by a group of friends on a weekend night after dinner.The game includes exploration, confrontation, construction and more. Players have a highdegree of freedom on this map and need to use their imagination and creativity to win. Thegame has different modes suitable for different numbers of people. The recommended numberof people for the game is 2-8 people.

Wooden Board Game: wooden item pieces, plastic item card, paper rule book, character cards plastic and wooden character chest.


Vermillion colored wooden game board with grooves on four sides where handles can be inserted.

Wooden Board Game includes 
wooden item pieces, plastic item card, paper rule book,character cards and woodencharacter chest.

Vermilion colored wooden game board for players to use against monsters exclusively.

Vermillion colored wooden game board.

The vermillion colored wooden carrying shelf allows you to keep the game’s board in it for easy carry by the player.


This is the character card that the player can choose, the front of each character card has the character name, character attributes and character skills. On the back is the character’s backstory.

Throughout the game there are different characters with various characteristics.

The game also has different styles and functions of cards such as weapons, props, artifacts,etc.

The game also has different styles and functions of cards such as weapons, props, artifacts,etc.


These are acrylic name tags from the takeaway at the show.

Players use these chest role playing on the board.

These vermillion wooden pieces are player blood tiles.

The instructions for the game are in the form of an ancient Chinese memorail.


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Gary Sun is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, majoring in communication design. His focus is on print design. He also has expertise in industrial design, having studied 3D model making, 3D printing and laser cutting at the California College of Arts(CCA). Being from a traditional Chinese family, he values Chinese traditional culture and frequently incorporates Chinese wood work style and skills into his work. Gary is interested in continuing to learn design skills and techniques of using different materials in 3D printing and laser cutting.

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