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The Lock Keeper(2024)

Duration/TRT:  07m 30s 

Media: 2D Digital Animation 

Film genre: Narrative, Arthouse, Philosophical Fiction, Coming of Age 

Film Synopsis: An aging traveller returns to his childhood sanctuary, seeking the key to his late mother’s secret, unravelling his trauma and grief and learning to let go of his past.  

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Background Art


Duration/TRT:  03m 01s 

Media: 2D Digital Animation 

Film Synopsis: A wounded little girl wakes up in a strange winter forest, following the guidance of a crow, seeking her past memory and frees herself from the frozen darkness.

Film | Adeline

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Artist Statement

I see myself as an illustrator-animator-storyteller; my goal is to bring life into the images and narratives I create. My style is strongly influenced by animations like Klaus (2019) and Arcane (2021), as well as countless independent illustrators. I am also a guitarist and singer-songwriter, and I often find myself inspired by the process of connecting my music and sound effects to animation, having done so for a number of student shorts. I’m aiming to pursue lighting or 2D animated effects in the industry.  

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Ying-Hsuan “Eddie” Lu was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Traveling to Canada to further his education sparked a passion for creative expression, which eventually led him to 2D + Experimental Animation at Emily Carr University. His artistic journey began in during teenage years with an interest in 3D animation, which led him to begin experimenting with a variety of material mediums and styles including acrylic painting, ink illustration, 2D animation, and graphic design. Eventually he discovered his passion for digital painting, illustration and design, which he continues to implement in his storytelling process through 2D digital animation filmmaking.

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